Christmas: The Season of Getting?

So I am currently an employee at Dollar General, and something I find funny is that a couple weeks ago the store put out its Christmas items, when Halloween has hardly wrapped up. Christmas is honestly my favorite time of year. The snow, the lights, honestly just the feeling everyone gets around that time, as cheesy as that sounds. Something that society obsesses over, though, is presents. Gifts. Your TV is bombarded with Christmas commercials. Christmas catalogs basically fall from the sky. Buy this! Buy that! Buy everything! But what if a person didn’t get a single thing for Christmas? Well, that is actually how the majority of the world lives.

Another thing that is so sad and honestly unnerving is that Christmas, a ‘season of giving,’ has truly become a ‘season of getting.’ People always boasting about presents and gifts they received. There should be more to this time of year.

Something that will always  stick with me that began when I was about thirteen, when me and my family would go out to eat, if my dad saw someone at the restaurant who looked as if they did not have much, he would pay for their meal anonymously. People need to realize that the feeling of giving someone pure joy will always surpass the receiving of some monetary object.

“Christmas is the season of giving.”

Let’s make this statement true.


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