Fall Break

Fall is the time of year that flannels come out of the closet, bonfires happen every weekend, haunted houses are necessary, and pumpkins are waiting to be carved. What is the best part about fall, you ask? Fall BREAK. It seems like it takes years to get here, and seconds to be over with. What you do with your fall break is all up to you. You can be super productive and study for any upcoming test and homework that is due when you get back from your break. Some students go home to see family. You can go on a road trip and forget about school for a few days. You can also try do what I did and go on a roadtrip AND study. That’s right I said “AND”.  I used my fall break to go to Texas and meet up with old friends for a wedding and to meet my boyfriend’s parents. Needless to say, I had an eventful few days. Fourteen hours in a truck ONE WAY can really test your patience, but we both made it back safely. Trying to study and go on a mini-vacation is exhausting, but sometimes it is what has to happen. As you go on your mini break, make the best out of it. Spend it in the best way you know how. I took an adventure, and I do not regret it. Always make the most of the time that you have. What I am trying to say here is whatever you decide to do, have a great time with it!20 These are the memories that you will keep forever. Be young and use all the energy you have to make these small breaks count on a big scale.

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