Finding Money For College

The number one biggest mistake I see people make when it comes to their college education is not seeking out ways to get their tuition paid for. There are tons of scholarship and work study opportunities out there if you just look. So I decided to compile a list of opportunities there are for Cumberland. This is not a full list, but includes all I know off the top of my head!

Numero Uno (#1)  Fill out the FAFSA!

Tennessee Promise:       application-by-february-15.1290893

Endowed scholarships:




Other Scholarships

Work Study and Other Sources:

Finding Scholarships*
Scholarship searches can be conducted using many different resources. Here are a few:

Other places to check include your high school guidance office, local library, local churches, local organizations (i.e., ELKS, VFW, American Legion), search engines and your local college financial aid office. *As a reminder, scholarships should represent “free” money. Be cautious of websites or companies that require a fee to help you find scholarships.

College Financing Web Resources

For help with… Visit
General Information fromt the Federal Government
Filling out the FAFSA Form
Applying for a FAFSA PIN
General Financial Aid Questions
Government Information on Tax Credits
Tennessee-based Grants (TSAC)

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