Finding the Right Major for You

A lot changes from when you first think you’ve decided on a major in high school to when you actually get to college and begin taking those classes that relate to what you thought you wanted to do.  I came into Cumberland as an Athletic Training major.  I changed from that to Humanities and Social Sciences after my very first semester.  My major wasn’t the only thing that changed during that first semester though.  I changed.  I wasn’t the same person that I was when I packed my car and drove from Indiana to my freshman residence hall.  I’m not the same person now as I was even last year.  That’s what we as humans do; we react, change, and adapt according to what life throws at us.  Most times the changes brought on by college inspires healthy growth in us.  I learned more about myself, who I was, and who I wanted to be through my time here at Cumberland.  I realized that Athletic Training was not for me and decided to try something I felt more inspired by and passionate about.

I’ve felt confident with my decision to change majors ever since my first semester as a Humanities major.  The professors and peers I’ve met are ones which I have formed intellectual and social bonds with and are the people who understand me.  They motivate me to work toward my goals and obtain as much knowledge as I can about myself, the world around me, and where I want my life to go.  One of the best parts about being a Humanities major here at Cumberland is how all the professors really push for experiential education.  This can be in the form of outside of class speeches/lectures, trips, or research days.  One such trip is the May semester trip that my Advisor heads each year.  He takes a group out to New Mexico to study and learn about the Native American culture that still remains influential in that area.  This trip last a few weeks and counts the same as a class does credit-wise.  Other areas of study support this experiential learning as well.  Some of the Professors are organizing a trip to London coming up this summer which will count as six hours of college credit in wither English, History, Theater or Art and will be centered on experiential learning in these areas.  This blend of classroom and world teaching lends to a well-rounded education as well as confirms for me that this is what I want to do.  I want to travel- to see and experience the world around me.

So, in conclusion, don’t worry so much.  You’ll find the right major for you, even if you don’t know yet or end up changing your mind.  Go confidently, put your heart into it, and you’ll find your fit.

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