Teacher and Friends


IMG_2380(20150307-194800) (This is Dr. Fred Heifner giving one of his famous talks in Haiti)

Before entering college, I would like all future student to know that the teachers are not out to get you. I know in movies like “God is Not Dead” you find evil teachers that are out to ruin a student’s GPA. Others might tell stories how a teacher hated them in college and they failed a class, but that is not what college teachers are really like. Especially not at Cumberland! All of the teachers I have had so far really want you to do the best you can do, and offer help anytime they feel like you need it.

Some do it in different ways. For example, my history teacher, Natalie Inman, offers extra credit for attending certain history events.  She will give you feedback on your paper so you can correct it before turning it in. Also, she will always meet with her students at almost any time of day to help with her class or just whatever the student may need to discuss. My Sociology teacher, John Markert, offers help in a different way.  He hosts study sessions that help all of the students be better prepared for tests. I know that my Criminal Justice teacher, Russ Cheatham, will do anything to help me reach my goal of becoming a TBI agent. I know I can go to any of my teachers and they will always help me.

They really do want the best for you. Do not be scared to enter your professor’s office and tell them that you are having problems in their class or that you do not understand something in particular. They will be more than happy to help you, and you will make a great connection with them. Trust me; it will help you in the long run. Besides, it’s not bad to make friends with people in high places!

IMG_2507 (This is Dr. Joshua Hayden enjoying his first meal in America in a week!)

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