Traveling – It’s a Necessity

So confession time, y’all.

I don’t know if it’s just stress getting to me, or maybe this intense adventurous side that’s been buried for the past few months, but lately I’ve been just wanting to do so many things, whether it be going on a road trip in a Volkswagen van, or getting on a plane to Europe, or even cruising on a boat to an island. I just want to TRAVEL! Have I had the chance to? Answer- Nope, not with school, a part-time job, finals arriving soon, two huge papers due in a few weeks, and all the sleep I can get.

I don’t really know where this desire to travel comes from, which so many people seem to share. I do have a few ideas. Maybe it comes from being unsatisfied in some sort of present situation, perhaps work, where you live, wanting to meet new people. You just need a break from ordinary life. Or maybe you aren’t unhappy with anything really, and instead you’re curious about the world around you. You want to explore and see more of the Earth than just the United States, which as a citizen of the world, why would you not want to? You want to know what’s out there, what’s really out there.

Cumberland offers multiple trips every year to places around the world. A yearly trip to Haiti goes on during Spring Break. Some summers, students organize trips to Europe! Also, there’s been trips to New Mexico and other places that Cumberland has organized!

Either way, there is totally a way to get in your doses of traveling, and it doesn’t have to cost you all that much.

Disclaimer: I have yet to actually go out of the country or take a spontaneous trip anywhere, but with all my time spent researching travel tips on Google for the past two years, I consider myself a Travel Expert!

  • If flying, there’s more options than just the huge name airplanes. Look for budget airfare, like Wow or Allegiant Airlines. You could save big bucks this way.
  • If you’re taking a road trip, get a cooler, fill it with ice, and put snacks in it- stuff like apples, drinks, sandwiches, whatever you like! This will save you time and money instead of making stops at McDonald’s whenever your stomach starts growling.
  • Groceries! Similar to the road trip idea, if you’re staying at a cabin or hotel room for over a few days, and it has a kitchen, get some groceries! You can cook up a few meals instead of eating out at restaurants. Of course, don’t get too many groceries; you don’t want your food and money to go to waste.
  • Trains. They’re kinda cool and pretty inexpensive. I read an article about travelling from California to New York by train for only $200!
  • Be one with nature. If you like camping (which I do!) campsites are usually way cheaper than getting a hotel. Some websites say that renting a camp ground can be as little as $10 in state parks! What’s that? Oh just the sound of some extra moolah in your wallet.
  • Look for non-traditional attractions where you’re going. See more of the area than just the one attraction that everyone goes to. It’ll probably be cheaper, less crowded, and less stressful (But who isn’t gonna go to the Louvre when you’re in Paris??)
  • Take in the culture. Even if you’re staying in the U.S. for travel, open your mind more and take part in the area’s culture. If you’re from the South and go Northwest, try food that Northwest people eat! If going out of the country, don’t go to the first McDonald’s you see. Really try to absorb what’s going on around you!

No matter where you’re going or how you get there, always have enjoyable trips and vacations!

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